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Our Expertism


Our service commitment starts at the design level and ends at the retail level. Our office is staffed with highly experienced designers who work alongside our customers to render their concepts into a real design series ready for sampling or production. We have technicians, merchandising team, Quality Control assessment team who have vast experience categorically in their respective job. Everyone is bound and chained everywhere by the consequential values. We always respect the ultimate customer’s requirements as well as demand.


Material Sourcing Management is at the core of our business, representing over 50 per cent of the development process. All our division is organized to manage their own material sourcing from a list of preferred partners, particularly fabric suppliers. Our commitment of service ensures that our customers receive the best available sourcing to achieve their design, development and budget objectives. We have a good sourcing set up inside our country and outside of the country such as China, Honk Kong, Taiwan, India and others. This setup ensures that quality standards and delivery schedules are respected and continually improved. Efficiency in material procurement keeps us ahead of our competitors and increases the effectiveness of our Product Development Model.


At the core of our service commitment lies our production department which is equipped to cater to the needs of our customers and markets. The production team consisting of technicians, merchandisers and compliance departments in our office decide the correct production location and factory which will translate into apparel that exceeds customer expectation.

Our production centres revolve around a dedicated and committed list of industrial partners with whom we work together to organize the production schedule and planning. Ornate Arcade provides the production teams and industrial partners both makes common platform on which to organize our customers’ design series, and further reduce the chance of error. All material procurement and production steps are discussed and incorporated into the planning and scheduling of the production cycle. Updating each step on a daily basis gives us a “real-time” picture of what is happening at the floor level, giving us the flexibility required by the market. Working closely with our industrial partner and sharing all available information gives us the ability to accommodate extreme or unforeseen situations and minimize the risks associated with apparel production.

We, Good Days Sourcing Limited, represent an exclusive and comprehensive service that simplifies the apparel business. We are a pure service organization, not a merely sourcing agent. We are your partner, helping hand and managing the global supply chain for you.

From design & styling to export documentation (delivery), we do everything for you. We are well known for our competitive and professional service.

Considering the current and future business needs, we always try to understand the culture, customs and history of a country/nation respectively which reflects upon fashion, we believe. With this inner consciousness and practical use, we have created a unique and most productive way of doing business in the textile and apparel industry.

Hereby, we would like to invite you to be part of our business chain that elevates you to a whole new level. Together let’s make our apparel business towards easy yet successful returns.

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