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We at Good Days’s Sourcing Limited can provide customers with wide range of products including knit, denim, woven, sweater etc. We expertise in sourcing most comprehensive range of fabrics, accessories etc from global suppliers. We have in house merchandising, sampling, designing and quality experts to help with product development and production follow up.

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Take a look at our catalogue to explore a wide range of fabric. Dynamic business models positioned to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume.

How We Work


Comprehensive business model, focusing on ensuring quality from sourcing raw material to monitoring every detailed production process.


Maintain a diverse supplier network to promptly adapt and offer a broad spectrum of choices to meet clients' ever-changing needs.


Utilize our dedicated in-house design team's creative capacity and expertise to craft tailored solutions.


Place an unwavering commitment on quality management and ensure rigorous dedication to on-time delivery.

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